About Us

Founded in October of 2016 and based in Bangalore, India, hashitinerary.com aims to be a trusted community marketplace for you to list, discover, and book s

Whether a tent for a trek, a carrier for your Ladakh bike ride, or the best Zoom Lens for that much awaited trip to the nearby Wildlife Sanctuary, hashitinerary.com will strive to enrich your experience. With world-class customer service and a growing community of users, hashitinerary.com aims to be the easiest way for people to pursue their hobbies, interests and passions through Collaborative Consumption. Recently We have started vehicle rental service provider in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities in India. #itinerary offers all types of travel related services under one roof hashitinerary.com provides owners an opportunity to share all their fun products when they are not being used and earn back the investment on the product, while the borrowers have an opportunity to experience all the fun stuff which they can think of, for a very nominal price without having to purchase them.